Sustainable Business

Helene Fuchs Associates believes in the importance of running an economically sustainable business. We engage experts from a wide range of fields to create the best team to address each project, actively seeking ways to increase opportunities for individuals to do the work they like to do best and to meet their fullest potential. We also mentor students and emerging professionals, inviting them to observe our processes and assisting them in cultivating professional networks.

In addition, we actively develop our practice by increasing the depth of our relationships with clients and expanding the scope in which we can assist them. We value the long-standing relationships we have with our clients as well as the referrals that result from those relationships.

About Helene Fuchs Associates

Helene Fuchs Associates collaborates with nonprofit, for-profit, private, and public health care organizations to develop and improve programs, products, and services, and facilitates adaptations to health care reform initiatives and market changes.


Bringing Constituents' Voices to Our Clients

We lead clients through multidisciplinary, collaborative initiatives. This entails bringing to clients the voices of constituents and setting those voices within a context by drawing on our knowledge of recent trends and research, and by adding our management acumen, strategic planning skills, knowledge of emerging technology, and a great feel for multiple consulting areas and relevant disciplines.


Our Services Include:

  • Gathering qualitative and quantitative data to support
    • Health services research
    • Translational research
    • Market analyses
  • Conducting Community Needs Assessments
  • Orchestrating strategic analysis and planning
  • Designing plans for program and product improvement and development

We bring clients the voices they need to hear in order to meet the needs of the populations they serve, whether those populations consist of health care providers, patients, managers, employers, payors, or consumers. The tactics we deploy include in-person as well as technology-supported platforms for in-depth interviews, focus groups, and surveys.


Collaborating, Researching, Analyzing, and Collaborating Again

We consider establishing a rapport with our clients to be a crucial part of the work we do. By collaborating directly with clients and fully engaging with them to understand their needs, we play a vital role in helping them articulate problems, goals, and desired outcomes.

A key part of our process is identifying underlying business or social issues our clients face and translating those issues into priorities for research. We then translate those priorities into objectives and questions, and custom-design research projects to address those objectives and questions. With the findings from our research, we develop thoughtful conclusions and robust recommendations. We then collaborate with our clients again, presenting our findings and catalyzing discussion among clinical, technical, and management team members to determine the best ways to integrate our recommendations.